National Registrar - Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

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    National Registrar

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    The mission of the Office of the National Registrar is to maintain an academic record for each student who enrolls at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and to provide timely, accurate and responsive service to students, faculty, staff and the public.


    News & Updates

    Forms for Students 

    Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Forms will be listed as ADA


    Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3)

    The Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection enables a matriculated, degree-seeking student at a GC3 member institution to take courses at another GC3 member institution.

    In a given semester or term, full-time students may take up to two (2) courses or six (6) credit hours at another institution, and half time students may take no more than half of their credits at another institution in a given term.

    The student interested in cross-registering must be enrolled at least part-time at their “福彩app是正规的吗” instituion and must obtain all appropriate approvals from both the 福彩app是正规的吗 and host institutions before registering. Students who cross-register pay the tuition at their 福彩app是正规的吗 institution, but are responsible for course-related fees to the host institution.

    Student Privacy / FERPA

    HUC-JIR College Transcripts

    Siegal College Transcripts

    The Laura and Alvin Siegal College of Judaic Studies (formerly the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies) ceased to offer degrees in 2012. The College is now known as the Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at Case Western University . Student records for alumni and former students of the College are now housed in the National Registrar’s Office of Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati.

    Transcripts may be requested by using the form below:

    Student Voter Registration

    Academic Policies

    Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Forms will be listed as ADA

    Forms for Faculty

    SIS Instructions


    Loan Deferment

    Students who have previous loans and are enrolled at least half time and above are eligible for in-school loan deferments. To receive a loan deferment a student should fill out an Enrollment Verification Form (link below) as well as an “In School Deferment Form” from the lender and submit both forms to the National Registrar’s Office. The contact information is on the form or scan the completed forms and email them as attachments to registrar福彩app是正规的吗@ . Incoming students with previous student loans can receive a loan deferment starting the first day of classes for the academic year.