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    Become a Leader in Jewish Education

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    We prepare leaders at any point in their career to disrupt the educational status quo and build flourishing, future-forward Jewish learning communities.

    Our programs produce creative, sophisticated and resourceful educational leaders with highly sought-after careers. Our alumni spearhead innovative, transformational and sustainable Jewish learning experiences of tomorrow. 

    Whether you福彩app是正规的吗’re still exploring you福彩app是正规的吗r options, or already have an established resume, we will help find you福彩app是正规的吗r true voice as a leader and changemaker within a vibrant, modern Jewish community. 

    Schedule an appointment with a member of our admissions team. 

    Hallmarks of an HUC-JIR Education Degree

    Through our whole-person leadership approach, we support creative educators who seek a lifetime of fulfilling work that provides passion, learning and joy, transforming lives and enriching communities. During you福彩app是正规的吗r two to three years at HUC-JIR, you福彩app是正规的吗 will:

      • Reap the benefits of personalized attention and mentorship from leading Jewish education scholars and thought leaders.
      • Immerse you福彩app是正规的吗rself in Jewish study and reconnect with you福彩app是正规的吗r own personal spiritual journey. 
      • Collaborate with a diverse array of student peers in hands-on courses and real-world professional opportunities, gaining practical skills to advance you福彩app是正规的吗r career.
      • Imagine and innovate creative ways to curate rich cultural experiences for a new generation. 

    Academic Programs

    Find the program that best meets you福彩app是正规的吗r career stage and goals:

    Reading with a student

    Designed for Emerging Career Students

    Are you福彩app是正规的吗 launching you福彩app是正规的吗r career as a Jewish educational leader? Our Master of Educational Leadership (M.Ed.L.) is designed for creative, dynamic, passionate educators who are eager to lead change, curate Jewish learning experiences, and transform the world through education. Engage in innovative professional work while pursuing graduate studies to advance you福彩app是正规的吗r career and become a more effective change-maker. 

    Learn more about the Master of Educational Leadership and concurrent Master of Arts in Jewish Learning.
    Contact us at EducationPrograms福彩app是正规的吗@


    Two people reading together

    Designed for Midcareer Leaders

    The Executive M.A. in Jewish education is designed for leaders with at least five years of experience in a Jewish educational leadership position. The degree offers a stellar cohort of passionate professionals who study at in-person intensives and online with HUC-JIR’s renowned academic faculty and clinical faculty mentors. The introductory “Taste of the Executive M.A.” Introduction to Jewish Leadership course will be offered in Fall 2019. 

    Learn more about the Executive M.A. Program.
    Contact Dr. Lesley Litman, Program Director, at llitman福彩app是正规的吗@


    DeLeT students

    A Credential Program for Aspiring Day School Teachers

    See what teaching excellence and innovation in Jewish day schools is all about, and along the way, find the path to fulfill you福彩app是正规的吗r values and goals while making a difference in the lives of children and their families. Earn a California State Teaching Credential and a Certificate in Jewish Day School Teaching in this 13-month program which uniquely combines graduate-level coursework and a yearlong internship in a Jewish Day School in Los Angeles, San Diego, or the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Learn more about DeLeT.
    Contact us at DeLeT福彩app是正规的吗@.


    Rikma students

    Promote Pluralistic Judaism in Israel

    If you福彩app是正规的吗 are an Israeli educator seeking to implement pluralistic Jewish education in you福彩app是正规的吗r Israeli educational institution, explore RIKMA, our two-year program in Israel, requiring one day of on-campus study per week at our Taube Family Campus in Jerusalem. Students receive an M.A. in Education from the Hebrew University upon successful completion of the program.

    Learn more about Rikma.
    Contact Dr. Muszkat-Barkan at mmbarkan福彩app是正规的吗@


    Post Graduation

    HUC-JIR’s leading alumni in Jewish education currently serve in a variety of settings and roles, including:

    Jewish Camping

    • Camp Director, URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy 
    • Camp Director, URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy

    Congregational Life

    • Director of Lifelong Learning, Congregation
    • Director of Families with Young Children
    • Director of Adult Learning

    Day School Education

    • Dean of Student and Family Life, Day School
    • Head of School, Jewish Day School

    Innovative Start Ups and Businesses

    • Founder and Director, Lev Children’s Museum
    • Founder and Director, Tzedek America

    Campus Life

    • Senior Jewish Educator, Campus Hillel
    • Director of Knowledge Management and Collaboration at Hillel International

    Communal Organizations, Nonprofit Agencies

    • Community Early Childhood and Family Engagement Consultant, Jewish Education Project 
    • Director of Rabbinic and Community Engagement, JStreet 
    • Director of Jewish Learning Initiatives, Jewish Federation
    • V.P. Learning for Life, Skirball Cultural Center

    Schedule an appointment with a member of our admissions team.