About HUC-JIR | Jewish Seminary for Jewish Studies

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    About HUC-JIR

    Students reading in a classroom.
    We are the largest Jewish seminary in North America for Jewish studies.

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    We are the center of innovation for Jewish life and learning – preparing rabbis, cantors, leaders in Jewish education, Jewish nonprofit professionals, pastoral counselors, and scholars to apply their knowledge, commitment, vision, and expertise to strengthen and transform the Jewish community and larger world.

    We are the premier Jewish seminary in North America and the academic, spiritual, and professional leadership development center of Reform Judaism.

    Our students and alumni are leading a Jewish renaissance in North America, Israel, and around the globe as leaders in synagogues, schools, Hillels, hospitals, camps, the military, and Jewish organizations worldwide.

    Our faculty are internationally recognized for their teaching, research, and mentorship.

    Our , museums, and scholarly publications preserve and disseminate our heritage.  Cutting-edge scholarship applicable to contemporary society emanates from our research institutes, centers, and projects

    Our campuses in CincinnatiJerusalemLos Angeles, and New York are vital centers for educational and cultural outreach to those of all faiths and backgrounds.